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BlackBerry Widget Development

Rich functional blackberry widget development
Research in Motion or RIM has developed BlackBerry Widget software Development Kit (SDK) that enables third-party integrated application development using common Web technologies. Developers have the potential to build Web-based apps for BlackBerry Smartphones. These applications are endorsed with advanced features and functions, which was possible only on Java, earlier.

BlackBerry Widget employs “BlackBerry Browser Engine” for application user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. BlackBerry Developers create widgets utilizing existing web content and extending the capabilities to web application using BlackBerry Widget APIs. Developers create seamless integration between BlackBerry Widget and email and calendar apps, create widgets with ability to edit or view files or documents stored on smartphone.

Widget apps are created to access location-based services or media player and more. RIM’s unique-push technology enables dynamic widgets to run in back ground and provide proactive alerts on time. Widget development has opened-up world of opportunities for developers to develop and introduce web apps for BlackBerry Smartphones. Developers develop apps to promote advances, integrate functionality and an “always-on” user experience.

Our BlackBerry Widget developers are more than helpful in building and introducing market Web applications for Smartphones. New Widget platform at RIM combines the ease of standard Web language development with rich and functional Java development.